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Resource management staff-OT

年額給料¥ 6,500,000
勤務地Tokyo, Japan


















・高い語学力(日本語ネイティブの方は英語TOEIC700点相当以上、英語ネイティブ、もしくは英語が流暢な方は、日本語がJLPT N3以上)



・TOEIC 800点相当以上のリスニング・リーディングスキル(日本語ネイティブの場合)


・JLPT N2以上のリスニング・リーディングスキル(英語話者の場合)




仕事内容 (英語)

The Cyber ​​Security Defense Department conducts security tests on the system developed by our company and carries out activities to prevent attacks on the system.

We are looking for an operation manager who can manage all security test operations such as prior confirmation of security test requests, collection of information necessary for conducting tests, assignment to security testers, response to schedule changes, etc.


・ Regular confirmation of security test request, request scope, scale, implementation time, confirmation of advance preparation status, request for response to the person in charge of the other party if necessary

・ Check the resource status of security testers and weekly reports

Team-wide security test implementation schedule maintenance, weekly report

・ Primary response to inquiries from other organizations

-Maintenance and documentation of the workflow of the entire security test operation, and improvement in cooperation with security testers and managers as necessary.

・ Confirmation of response status to detected vulnerabilities, information sharing with security testers, implementation of follow-up required for operations, implementation instructions, weekly report of implementation status

・ Maintenance, visualization, and periodic reports of operations and overall statistics such as security test request source, requested system, implementation scale, attributes of detected vulnerabilities, number of cases, response status, etc.


・ Strong communication skills that enable you to negotiate with people whose interests do not always match

・ High teamwork ability in a highly diverse environment

・ Ability to create technical documents

・ Ability to continuously maintain and manage operations

・ Deep understanding of general IT operations such as workflow creation, management, and ticket management

・ High language proficiency (Japanese natives have an English TOEIC score of 700 or higher, and English natives or fluent English have JLPT N3 or higher)

・ Understanding the basic mechanism of the IT system (hardware specifications, differences in OS, HTTP communication mechanism, understanding of the roles of databases / Web servers / application servers, etc.)

English business level and Japanese daily conversation level are set, but there is no problem if either English or Japanese is at a high level and you can learn the other language until it reaches a high level in the future.

・ Listening / reading skills equivalent to TOEIC 800 points or higher (for native Japanese)

・ Business-level English document creation and speaking skills (for native Japanese)

・ Listening / reading skills of JLPT N2 or above (for English speakers)

・ Business-level Japanese document creation and speaking skills (for English speakers)

・ Business management related qualifications

Assuming a long working period (first 2 months, renewed every 3 months thereafter)

業種: Enterprise Applications

休暇: Weekends and National Holidays

勤務時間: 9:00-17:30

資格: N2