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Infrastructure engineer (NW / SV / DB / cloud)-AM

年額給料¥ 5,500,000




〇インフラ設計構築において、上流工程要件定義から設計、 構築、運用、監視まで䛾工程全般をお任せします。









・サポートデスク運用 業務等、多数プロジェクト案件があります。



VMware/vSphere/Apache/IIS/Active Directory/Office 365、












・ PM、PL、TL経験。


仕事内容 (英語)

1 year or more experience

[Business description]

〇 In infrastructure design and construction, we will entrust you with the entire process from upstream process requirement definition to design, construction, operation, and monitoring.

1 Overall development process from requirement definition to design, construction, operation, and monitoring

2 Understanding user and client needs, presenting solutions, promoting / responding to inquiries, and creating documents

* We will entrust you with appropriate work according to your skills and wishes.

[Project example]

・ Private cloud design / construction project

・ Business infrastructure infrastructure design / construction / operation project

・ Information infrastructure infrastructure renewal design / construction project

・ Core business system operation and maintenance work

・ There are many project projects such as support desk operation work.

※Development environment:

AWS / Azure / WindowsServer / Linux,

VMware / vSphere / Apache / IIS / Active Directory / Office 365,

PostgreSQL / MySQL

[MUST] Those who fall under all of the following.

・ Those who have more than one year of experience in designing, building, and operating NW / SV / DB / cloud.

* It does not matter what the work is or whether there is a blank.

* Those who have only monitoring experience are not eligible.

* The number of years of experience does not include the training period at the time of joining the company.

・ Foreign nationals can communicate at the native level in Japanese.

Those who

[WANT] Those who have the following knowledge and experience are a plus.

・ Those who have more than 3 years of experience in design, construction and operation are welcome.

・ Experience in designing and defining requirements for upstream processes.

・ PM, PL, TL experience.

Cloud introduction experience.

業種: Enterprise Applications

休暇: Weekends and National Holidays

勤務時間: 8:30-17:30

資格: N2