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Cyber ​​security architect_IE

年額給料¥ 6,500,000
勤務地Tokyo, Japan



Job Description:









■Minimum Qualifications:









■Preferred Qualifications:











English (流暢)

仕事内容 (英語)

Job Description:

The Cyber ​​Security Defense Department (CSDD), which is the core of the Group, is responsible for the safety and security of the Internet services of the Group. CSDD covers all aspects of the system development life cycle (SDLC) and operational security of all services developed within the group. We are looking for a security architect with a security mindset and technical understanding to be a key member of the security team.

As an experienced expert in information security and IT risk assessment, security architects are expected to have a thorough understanding and practice of security protocols, certifications, and security best practices during the development life cycle. They also need to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and be able to collaborate with diverse groups of people.

■ Responsibilities:

Performing system requirements and design reviews of the system in the system

· Work with developers, system / network administrators, and other stakeholders to support secure application and network design, development, and implementation.

· Create or update group security-related guidelines, technical security standards, security policies and rules

・ Participation in security education and awareness activities

・ Innovative and promptly, it is required to lead to the successful provision of the above services with high quality. It also entails the necessary planning, effective delegation, decision making and accountability.

■ Minimum Qualifications:

・ Over 5 years of professional experience in the fields of information security and cyber security

· Core of network, web / mobile applications, network / web application protocols

Understanding the concept and its security issues

・ SDLC security architecture framework, threat modeling, security patterns,

A basic understanding of security best practices

・ Excellent consulting, problem solving, communication, and support for building trust and consensus.

Interpersonal skills

・ Adaptability to demonstrate teamwork in diverse workplaces of various ages, nationalities, and cultures

■ Preferred Qualifications:

・ Experience as a security consultant for cyber security technology

・ Advanced IT security certification (valid status) such as CISA and CISSP

• Oversee vulnerability fixes, define security requirements, and work with infrastructure and development teams

Achievements in building secure solutions

・ Experience in web / mobile application development and major web frameworks

・ Experience in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of web / mobile applications

・ Experience in major commercial cloud environments, experience in using Container technology

・ Experience working at SIEM and / or participating in an incident response project



English (Comprehensive ―― Fluent)

業種: Enterprise Applications

休暇: Weekends and National Holidays

勤務時間: 9:00-18:00

資格: 指定なし