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[Infrastructure] network engineers_KW

年額給料¥ 5,500,000
勤務地Tokyo, Japan




















LinuC 1/2/3AWS認定、PMP 等々

仕事内容 (英語)


◇ Those with more than 3 years of experience

◇ Details ~ Those who can handle the test phase in the first person

The following reference skills


(a) Understanding Ethernet and TCP / IP models, the basics of the Internet, and how they work

(b) Understanding and implementing general systems and protocols

-Routing (static / dynamic / floating),

NAT / NAPT / DNAT, DNS, ACL, HSRP / VRRP, LAG, stack, VPN, syslog, SNMP, STP, VLAN, Wifi, LB, etc.

・ Documents

(a) Detailed design document, system specifications, system / network configuration diagram, service definition document,

Protocol sequence diagram, port layout / connection, parameter sheet, setting / work procedure, time schedule, test specifications, test case table, etc.

[Welcome requirements]

◇ Person who has acquired technical qualification

・ IPA qualification, network specialist, project manager, etc.

・ Various vendor qualifications, etc.

CISCO certified (CCNA, CCNP), Microsoft certified,

LinuC 1/2/3, AWS certified, PMP, etc.

業種: Enterprise Applications

休暇: Weekends and National Holidays

勤務時間: 9:00-18:00

資格: N2